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About Life Settlements

Your life insurance policy, can be sold by you to another for a cash settlement and you will recieve the cash now . A Life Settlement is a transaction in which a life insurance policy is sold to a third party and it’s a way of converting your life insurance policy, while you’re still alive, into money you can use now . The sale of your life insurance policy will also relieve you of all future premium expense.

A Life Settlement is an option available to an individual aged 62 (ages can vary) and older and allows you to turn your life insurance policy into cash today. This can assist and help plan for you or your family’s future and handle any financial challenges that you may be experiencing now or anticipate in the future.

The professionals at Ardan will help you and your family obtain the Best Value Settlement ℠ and optimize this important financial benefit.

Why Sell Your Life Insurance?

Perhaps you purchased term insurance that has outlived its usefulness. Or your business has a buy-sell or key person insurance policy or other policy no longer relevant or needed; or you need money now to pay for long term care expenses. Many seniors are now using...

When Should You Consider a Life Settlement?

The Ardan Group Professionals will advise you and your family as to whether or not a Life Settlement is right for you and your family. If it is, the team will help you obtain your Best Value Settlement℠ which will provide you with the cash you need now. Consider...

Get Cash For Your Life Insurance Policy

Considering selling your life insurance policy for cash? Life Settlements have become an increasingly popular way to help with financial challenges you may be facing. Many people consider Life Settlements when experiencing serious health issues or when premiums have...