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Perhaps you purchased term insurance that has outlived its usefulness. Or your business has a buy-sell or key person insurance policy or other policy no longer relevant or needed; or you need money now to pay for long term care expenses.
Many seniors are now using life settlements to help manage major life changes, from divorce to retirement, to seeing their offspring achieve their own financial independence. The professional advisors at Ardan provide their clients with the Best Value Settlement ℠ available in today’s market.

Call us confidentially if any of these scenarios apply to you:

  1. You can no longer afford the expensive premiums;
  2. You need to liquidate assets for medical care or other expenses;
  3. You no longer require the benefit of a life insurance policy.
  4. You need money now to complete your “bucket” list.
  5. You need a cushion while spending down assets to qualify for Medicaid.

Enjoy a better retirement. Boost your income. Pay for long term care or in-house nursing care. Pay for unexpected medical expenses. Eliminate expensive life insurance premiums.

Call Ardan to find out how this will work for your life situation: 1-800-699-3522